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At first I was like “oh some guy being a really awesome athlete” AND THEN I REALIZED WHAT I WAS ACTUALLY LOOKING AT


All I have ever wanted was to spend

These dark stormy days with you;

When the light seems to end

And the skies are no longer blue.

Cuddled up in bed,

Just you and I;

Oblivious to what I should dread

And instead lost in your eyes.


Darling, wrap your arms around me.

Take me to worlds that I have always wanted to see.

The mere thought of you reminds me how lucky I am to have you

I don’t know what my life would have been without you

But I do know that I truly do love you more than anything

You make my heart do much more than sing.

You make it beat for a reason,

Please don’t just stay for one season.

So, come, my love, and let’s make our own love story

One full of only happiness and glory.

I wonder what’s wrong with the other 3 out of the four lol

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